Why Come to Chester?

Why Come to Chester?

This article reveals the best Chester attractions and why it’s a good place to do business.

There are many reasons the city has become a big draw, not least of which are the numerous Chester attractions that have drawn people not just from the UK but other countries in the continent. Let’s take a look at some of the many attractions in the city and also the reasons why businesses and companies like it here.


The Clock

At the top of the list is the historic Eastgate Street clock. It is one of the most photographed locations in the UK and stands on the entryway of an old Roman fortress. It was Colonel Evans who paid for the clock back in the day for the celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday back in 1897.


The city also hosts several festivals that celebrate music, literature, food and drinks, with St Werburgh’s festival being the most widely known.

The Diocese of Chester Cathedralcathedral length

Another major attraction in Chester, it has been the city’s official cathedral since 1541 but there was already a church there for at least a thousand years. The shrine of St Werburgh is one of the most popular attractions in the cathedral, but its beautifully carved walls are not to be missed either.sculpture in cathedral

There are a lot of other tourist attractions in the city including the Chester Zoo with more than 7,000 animals, shopping destinations and the boats that let you view the city via the river. But when people talk about Chester it’s not limited to just sightseeing, as it’s also a haven for business both large and small.


Chester Business Development

The Chester Council and Cheshire West have developed a One City Plan to enhance the city’s prospects. According to the plan, the Chester Central Business Quarter, Northgate and Cultural Centre projects will be redeveloped to improve public access and facilitate greater commercial opportunities.

In the latest Chester for business news it’s been announced that Phase One of the One City plan has been completed with the relocation of the station car park at the back of the Queens Hotel. Currently phases 2 and 3 are ongoing with the Carriage Shed being refurbished. In addition a “living wall” and glass roof will be set up. The Plan also calls for extensive paving and planting to the City Place establishment and onto the newly built footbridge. Ultimately this ends up at Tarvin Road leading to Waitrose.

The latest figures show that the Council invested £1.5 million in the construction of the City Place, and it has proven to be a good one as it has led to more investments and employment in and around the city. Upon completion the City Place will provide 70,000 sq. ft. of office space and a train service to London.

Other Reasons to do Business in Chester

Aside from the new developments mentioned above, the very location of Chester makes it an important economic hub. Its modern transport system and motorways connect the city to Manchester and Liverpool, and it is also connected to Manchester’s international airport (just 35 miles away). With Chester’s improved train service, London is only a couple of hours away as well.

Another factor in favor of Chester is the booming economy of Manchester, which naturally has had a positive effect. Proof of this is people coming in to Chester are moving in permanently and not just limited to investors. Even though property prices in the city are higher than the national average – £201,500 on average –, it hasn’t stopped professionals from settling down.

Chester is also known for their workforce, and this has played a significant role in enhancing the local economy. The city’s financial services sector is significant and is the home of the Bank of America and M&S Bank. Along the Welsh border is the Airbus plant, and not too far is food retailer Iceland. This is just a sampling of the many business establishments you will find in the city, and they’re all indicative of the booming economy.

Chester attractions continue to grow and along with it, the number of people who visit and settle down. As the population grows, consumer demand increases, offering opportunities for companies to thrive and profit. For these reasons it’s not difficult to see how this ancient Roman city continues to thrive and be a popular destination for tourists too.