Top Businesses in Chester

Top Businesses in Chester

This article reveals the top Chester businesses today.

The last few years has seen a rise in interest from professionals and families, owing as much to its attractions as its economy. The growth of Manchester has helped this city draw in large companies and seen the establishment of new ones as well. Here’s a look at the top Chester businesses and companies making waves in the city.

Homeserve UK

With revenues of £500 million to £1 billion a year and more than 5,000 employees, Homeserve UK has become a major player in home construction, maintenance and repair industry. Since the company was founded in 1993, it has gone on to set new standards in home repair, heating maintenance, electrics, drainage and plumbing. Currently the company serves more than 2.1 million customers in the UK and the number continues to grow.

Hays Pic

Hays Pic is a specialist recruiting company, with revenues of £1 to £2 billion and more than 10,000 employees. Established in 1969, the company has more than 47 years of experience in the industry with over 240 offices in 33 countries. Since the beginning Hays Pic has gained a reputation for innovation and providing consistent results, and their recruitment consultants function work in various fields such as healthcare, IT, construction, finance and more. Furthermore, their teams are ably backed by a HR, legal and marketing teams.

Wren Kitchens

The name Wren Kitchens has been synonymous with quality and dependability, not just in the UK but the US as well. The average revenue is £100 to £500 million, and it is now the UK’s top retailer, manufacturer and designer of kitchen cabinets. Apart from their world class showrooms, Wren Kitchens has gained a solid reputation for their dependable online service via Besides reliable service, the company also provides a sophisticated distribution network with top of the line logistics.

BHP Billitonbhp

BHP Billiton is one of the largest global resource firms in the world with revenues of more than £10+ billion yearly. BHP Billiton has more than 10,000 employees, and from their headquarters in Melbourne set up shop in Chester as well as 140 other locations spread over 26 countries. As one of the leading companies in the mining and metals industry, BHP Billiton is committed to delivering superior performance with emphasis on sustainability.


Lush specializes in n natural cosmetics and other eco-friendly fragrances and natural cosmetics. Since 1995, the company has grown significantly with revenues of up to £100 million. While there are a lot of beauty and makeup products in Chester, Lush stands out from the rest by taking an ethical approach to manufacturing these products. As one of the top natural cosmetics company today, Lush operates in 50 countries with more than 900 shops.


When speaking of big business in Chester, the name Unilever comes to mind, as it has a revenue of €48.436 billion in 2014 alone. A multinational consumer goods company, more than 2 billion people use the company’s products every day. Unilever has over 400 brands ranging from household care, shampoos, detergents, personal care, foods and refreshments. Among the company’s most popular brands are Knorr, Axe/Lynx, Rexona/Sure, Lipton, Dove and more. Apart from these brands, Unilever has a Sustainable Living Plan to ensure their processes have minimal environment impact.

Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell is a global petrochemicals and energy company with revenues of £2 to £5 billion yearly. Since its founding in 1907, Royal Dutch Shell has grown with more than 94,000 employees and operations in over 70 countries. Among the trademarks of Shell is their use of sophisticated technologies and their creative approach to sustainable energy development.

Airbus Group

The Airbus Group generates up to £10 billion revenue yearly and is recognized around the world as a leader in space, aeronautics and other services. The Airbus Group has more than 138,000 employees around the world and is divided into three groups, Airbus, which handles aircraft, Airbus Defence and Space and Airbus Helicopters.

Currently there are over 6,000 Airbus aircraft and the company has around 50% of the commercial airliner market. The Airbus Defence and Space division meanwhile, manufactures mission, transport and tanker combat aircraft and also space equipment, services and components. Their Airbus Helicopter line on the other hand, is the leading manufacturer of helicopters in the world, both civil and military.

Euro Car Parts

Euro Car Parts is the biggest independent auto parts supplier in the aftermarket today with more than 100,000 components for popular brands like Volvo, Mercedes, BMW and others. With revenues of £500 million (GBP) a year, the company has 70 branches in the UK consisting of repair shops and services.

When you talk of top Chester businesses, the abovementioned companies are at the top of the heap. However there are a lot more companies that are emerging in the city, which goes to show how vibrant the local economy has become.